Testimonial - Cathy and Shawn from Thornleigh

    "If you want a building job to last you a lifetime & longer then John Rosser of CUSTOM DESIGN BUILDING is probably the right Builder for you - he was for us that‘s for sure!
    We can’t recommend him & his team highly enough! He is a ‘hands-on’ builder, held in high regard by clients and those in the building industry & will build you a top quality solid construction. He achieves a great deal of satisfaction for his clients & himself in providing fantastic end results like ours.

    Due to John’s extensive experience and know-how he has the special ability of being able to ‘visualise’ your ideal dream renovation or new home, as it will look ‘on completion‘. He has innovative, realistic and very helpful suggestions and will try to save you precious dollars whenever possible.

    Our renovation story and how John Rosser helped us:

    We recently bought a modest fifties-style house on Sydney’s North side with the idea of extending the rear and making it into an open-plan large living area including new bathroom and kitchen- whilst living in the front of the house. Another main requirement was to make the interior flooring all one level instead of the original up and down heights into different rear rooms like the laundry, bathroom and enclosed back veranda.

    No-one we knew could recommend a good builder to us - they are very rare as we found out. We requested quotes from 12 builders; 6 got back to us; 5 made a time to meet us; 4 got back with quotes, which varied a lot and this all took heaps of time.

    1st builder said he would beat the others quotes. We asked him if he did the work himself? No, he just checks his jobs, so we asked how many jobs he had at one time ? About 20! Our immediate thoughts were ‘when will we ever get a chance to talk with this builder‘? Plus, we all know ‘the cheapest quote is not always the best’!

    There are a lot of shonky so-called builders out there, beware! Some go bust and never finish the job! 2nd was ‘so expensive’ it was scarey! 3rd wasn’t prepared to assist with layout ideas/vision at that stage and got us ‘off-side’ by saying ‘don’t waste my time - get back to me when you know exactly what you want’! How rude.. 4th couldn’t speak English and couldn’t get back with a quote.

    Then we met with John Rosser - our Builder Extraordinaire! John Rosser impressed us straight away with his re-assuring and knowledgeable manner. It seemed ‘nothing was a problem’ and he would ‘make it all easy’ for us - just what we wanted! We immediately sensed ’this a Builder we can trust’!

    John ‘had the vision’ and suggested taking out several walls, instead of more costly extensions, to achieve the open plan with levelled floor area that we wanted.
    He explained we needed to ‘like’ our builder, especially if we intended living there whilst the building work was being done - how true! We are not all ‘at our best’ at seven in the morning...
    John also suggested he could easily close off the front section of the house to give us some privacy - very professional and thoughtful! We liked this builder!
    Our job took several months to complete. There were no disagreements and we had some fun too in the process.

    We are absolutely thrilled with our end result and have lots of praise for our Award Winning Builder!
    We highly recommend you make an appointment to meet with John Rosser, before you see an Architect - he may just save you serious dollars, as he has done for us!
    Aim for the best builder first up..
    We are confident you won’t be disappointed……HAPPY BUILDING!"

    Cathy and Shawn from Thornleigh - October 2010

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